Start on your journey to discover our region

There are interesting examples of churches, parish churches, and palaces in our region that are all worth a visit, but true cultural richness is represented by the nature of the land and the scattered villages with their typical conformations, the string of narrow streets and small brick houses with unique views of the valleys leading to the sea.
G. Boine, a local poet, wrote: “Non ci hanno lasciato palazzi i nostri padri, non hanno pensato alle chiese, non ci hanno lasciato la gloria delle architetture composte: hanno tenacemente e religiosamente costruito dei muri, dei muri a secco come templi ciclopici, dei muri ferrigni a migliaia, dal mare fin su alla montagna.” (Our ancestors did not leave us palaces, they did not think of churches, they did not leave us the glory of orderly architecture: they tenaciously, ponderously, religiously built walls, stone walls like Cyclopic temples, thousands of iron-grey walls, from the sea to the mountains.)