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I am a hotel manager in Liguria and that is where my roots lie. The hotel business has been a tradition in my family for three generations.
I feel really privileged to do a job that I love and that is about welcoming people. It is an always new experience for me and my colleagues to be able to relate to people coming from different places, and to create a peaceful environment where they feel at ease. Our goal is to make our guests feel like they are truly on holiday. The Arc en Ciel hotel is not just an accommodation facility, it is a place with its own spirit and I’m not the only one who agrees; everyone who has spent time here only needs a few hours to understand that. Every year we invest in improving the structure and the services, and I admit it is not always easy to find the economic resources… however the sea view rooms, the restaurant, and the beach are now really gorgeous!
My intent is also to offer my guests the opportunity to have different experiences, free yoga classes at sunset, stand up paddleboards and canoes to take you just the right distance away from dry land, and a relaxation and massage area with views of the sea and beyond.
We also organise walks and more challenging hikes to discover the inland areas of our gulf, for example Diano Castello and Cervo.
I like being able to share my passions with my guests and the places that I love in western Liguria, finding the right balance between the enthusiasm I have for what I love and listening to the people I have in front of me.