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I love my job … I was born in one of the rooms in this hotel and I grew up here, breathing in the passion with which my grandmother cooked, using the flowers from our garden, and the joy with which my parents dedicated themselves to welcoming and spending time with our “guests”, their days becoming our days.
Today I still have the same desire, passion, and pleasure to “live” the days here.
I believe in values: respect, solidarity, family.
Respect for people but also for everything that surrounds us, from nature
to animals. I am someone who is sensibly self-critical, analytical, and determined.
When I realised that I had to adjust to the new pace of tourism, I partly reviewed what had been passed onto me through tradition and brought myself up to date. I haven’t exactly become digital like the “millennials” but I have reviewed many of my positions so I could at least speak their language.
Since I was a little girl I’ve always had a lot of passions in my life: going for walks, golf, shopping, cooking, and especially swimming, thanks to which I manage to stay in shape. Each of the four styles of swimming has its own charm and benefit. With backstroke you can breathe easily and contemplate the sky. The butterfly is like flying. With breaststroke you can admire the view and take time to think. Freestyle challenges you. The sea is always different and going snorkelling along the coast is really exciting.
Going on walks either with or without my dog is always relaxing and our surrounding nature helps us to offer amazing itineraries 365 days of the year.
I would like to convey my love for traditions, that holiday feeling in a very familiar environment, and the value of human relationships. This is a place where you will find “an old friend”, your point of reference in Diano Marina.
If you also appreciate an environment with a homely vibe, where it is not a priority to be
constantly “connected”, and where every member of the family is pampered with our full attention, visit us for an “old fashioned” experience, and let your days become OUR days!