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Here the sea and mountains are so close together that early in the morning you can go ad collect mushrooms on Mount Faudo, and in the afternoon you can relax on the beaches of Porto Maurizio Marina.

Two spirits live in Imperia: Porto Maurizio and Oneglia, framed to the south by the beaches and the Ligurian sea, and to the north by a unique inland area that is rich in history and traditions. Starting from the Duomo of Porto Maurizio, take the path that passes through the Logge del Convento di Santa Chiara, and goes along the ancient walls overlooking the sea with a breathtaking view of the port, which is famous for the Vintage Yacht Convention that takes place there in September every two years. To conclude, we recommend a little shopping in Oneglia, on the elegant Piazza Dante, and don’t forget to the visit to the Olive Museum.

The inland area is full of history and charm, with its small villages that emerge from the sea of ​​centuries-old olive trees that surround them.

Diano Marina

Diano Marina, located in the gulf of the same name, between Capo Berta and Capo Cervo, in West Liguria, has a very ancient history. The area’s favourable geography and climate has meant it has always has settlements since very early times. Today it is a small town with charming hotels, Liberty-style buildings hidden amongst the tree-lined avenues, and beautiful sunlit houses on the verdant slopes of Capo Berta. Its golden beach, which is more than three kilometres long, begins next to the marina and ends at the foot of the Capo Berta cliffs. Here, on a good day, the colours of the sea look truly Caribbean. The fine sand is soft and warm, and the waters are shallow, making it perfect for children. The inland area is dotted with countless villages that each have their own story to tell, such as Diano San Pietro, Diano Borello, and Varcavello.

San Bartolomeo Al Mare

San Bartolomeo al Mare, on the Ligurian Riviera, has a series of beautiful, wide beaches, that have recently been revamped, which face a wharf made of artificial rocks. Its amazing long and relaxing seaside promenade, directly connects it to the most famous seaside resort of Diano Marina. Since ancient times it has been home to the Borgo della Rovere, which owes its name to the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Rovere. Cervo is a nearby town known for its International Chamber Music Festival, which is visited by a lot of people thanks to its rich programme. The festival’s location is breathtaking. It takes place on a large terrace, right on the sea, behind the spectacular Coralini Church.

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