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I am stubborn and inquisitive. I started because … I had no alternatives that could go against my family’s tremendous efforts, so I set aside my projects but then those projects coincided with this new job. I took over from an “old and obsolete” type of tourism, but I still didn’t have the tools to figure out what new direction to go in. I started to inquisitively study and spend time in the tourism environment so I could understand and compare myself with other people working in that world. That is how my motto became, “we offer a complete holiday and not just an apartment”. This thought is a summary of how I conduct my business. 10 years later I am very satisfied with what I have achieved at work. I cannot say I’m completely satisfied because it goes against my nature not to set new goals and improve what I’m doing. There have been critical moments, which my stubbornness and my family has helped me to overcome, and every time a new investment is made to optimise the structure, I take all the risk even at the cost of sleepless nights.
Being technological has helped me a lot and over time I have learnt to deal with all areas of the structure.
I like curious customers who appreciate the research that has gone into the new furnishings and who approve of the investment to try and be more eco-friendly.