Guatelli Museum

Have you ever heard about the Oil “Verdi” or Oil “Giuseppe Mazzini”? Or maybe you have tasted the Oil “ D’Annunzio”?

Not, right?… Do you know why?
These were the “stage names” used by the national enterprises for indicate on the oil cans the principal Italian oil brands exported in the XVI and XX centuries.
This because at that time the numerous Italian expatriates, demanded at their tables, abroad, not only an oil of quality but above all some captivating cans that could remember them of their native country.
From here began the production of oil cans decorated with those pictures representing their homeland the best way.
In the 2006, in the hinterland of Imperia, following the will of the Guatelli family, inside an olive oil mill, took place the Oil cans Museum.Today, it houses a collection of 6000 packagings, which represent an original but essential tile of the story of the Italian emigration in the world.

Where is it?