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It wasn’t my choice, I had to! I was 19 years old and I had to start taking care of the family hotel, it was a necessity but I was there. I didn’t know where to start, and above all I did not know who to turn to for advice. It was one of the most critical moments of my life, but the desire to help my family kept me going. I was shy, I still didn’t know who I was, and as if my father’s illness wasn’t enough already, it was taking away the only person I could learn from at that time.
A stay abroad for a few months in a multi-ethnic environment allowed me to compare myself with people from different cultures than my own. I met men and women who taught me so much and thanks to all of this I grew up and realised that I didn’t want to close myself off anymore. This experience motivated me and I began to appreciate my father’s work and how my mother brought me up.
Sport is an important to me, I think it is functional to life. You automatically improve yourself through training, which makes you even more efficient at work. I’m not looking for competition but growth and a way to release.
During my life, I have practised various types of sport: sailing, scuba diving, mountaineering, and now Olympic weightlifting. They are all quite extreme choices because I’m someone who is always trying to understand my own limits so I can work on them and overcome them.
I could give the same reason for my approach to the world of motorcycling. I used to be scared of bikes, but I still wanted to put myself to the test and I overcame my fear. Now riding motorbikes has become a passion of mind, I take trips down sparsely travelled roads in my region whenever I can…For me, my motorbike, in addition to becoming a new passion, is therapeutic because, in addition to having overcome a fear, I use it to get rid of the negative thoughts and stresses from my day.
Essentially, I’m an analogue person but for work and my friends I became digital. When I give myself an objective I study and get ready, I try to avoid having to improvise.
To the customer I want to convey my simplicity, my transparency, and my continuous search for improvement, but above all the love and respect that I have for the region and for outdoor activities.
The ideal customer is genuine, they do not like the artificial but appreciate our sincerity and our way of approaching hospitality, and they understand the essence of our region.