The church of the Saints Nazario and Celso

Did you know that… in an isolated place, hidden into the olives tree in the hinterland of Imperia, in the district of Borgomaro, there is a paleochristian church that, following a local tradition, was re-built on the foundations of a temple of the ligurian-roman age.

Let you strike by its beauty and simplicity!

It’s the church of the Saints Nazario and Celso, that was the first parish church , whose name may date back to the first centuries of Christianism, when these Saints had travelled the Oneglia valley up to the Impero river source.
Today the church is safeguarded by a community of Benedictine Monks, who not only preserves the church but also curate the garden, following in this way the morals of their “Rule” : the prayer and the work interchange according to the motto “Ora et Labora”.

Where is it?