Russian Church

Have you ever thought that was Maria Alexandrovna, wife of the Tsar Alexandro II, who designed the construction of the Russian Church in San Remo?
Do you know why she thought about it?

Do you know why she thought about it? At that time lots of Russian aristocrats sick of tuberculosis chose Sanremo as their place of residence and treatment. It was for serving this community the reason why in Sanremo were built a Russian toilette, a pharmacy, a bakery and later the Orthodox Church.

For the construction of the church, the architect Scusev drew inspiration from the decoration of the church “ of the Savior on Spilled Blood” of St. Petersburg.
The first stone was laid the november 1912: at the end of 1913 the building was completed in broad terms, but it was decided to consecrate the church in any case and to start celebrate Mass, which became regular only in 1922.

From that moment, the history of the Church has being subject of differents hijinks. If you are interested in discovering more about this go visit now the church: in the narthex you will find  a stone altar that resume the history of the construction and of the preservation of the church.

Where is it?