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I do not come from a family of hoteliers, but I decided to follow this line of work because I think I have a personality that is suited and dedicated to the art of hospitality. I am a bit of a workaholic and carry out my work passionately, facilitated by a great deal of professional experience that I cultivated and refined during the years I worked outside.
Interpersonal relationships are very important to me, and I also like to care of the specific and “beautiful” things that define who you are and what you do. These are the things that give you character and definition.
At critical moments, I try to reaffirm my leadership and with determination and hope the route is re-established, aiming at a greater involvement of the collaborators, so that they are all united and conscientious, and face the difficulties together
During my working days, I multi-task and focus on various activities related to my business. This is my everyday life and it underlines to me that if you don’t have passion for what you’re doing you won’t get any kind of satisfaction from it.
I have a lot of interests that I am very passionate about, and the ones that stand out are food and wine, and motorbikes. I must admit that this union is a real elixir, which allows me to explore some very special corners of our inland region. I discovered my love for motorbikes a few years ago by accident, thanks to a friend of mine who lured me in with the photos of his travels and pushed me to explore new roads. What I mainly seek is that sense of freedom, which really makes me happy.
I want to convey my love for open spaces and my continuous search for the details that characterise and define my position in this place.